Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (2023)

little tub's wonderlandGearbox Software's colorful fantasy spin-off byborders It brings its own brand of wacky humor, majestic backdrops and, of course, lots of distinctly cool weapons. While in part an extension of the fan-favorite downloadable content,Tiny Tina's attack in Dragon Keep, the game is an entity all its own.

As such, even temperedbordersVeterans may be impressed by the variety of new offensive options and customizations at their disposal, including melee weapons and spells. in typicalbordersfashion, players are quickly inundated with various weapons to play with; through loot, enemy takedowns, and vendors. But what are thebest weapons to choose from in the early stages ofLittle Tina's Wonderland?Are there really awesome weapons that can be found in, say, just a few hours?

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Updated Aug 6, 2022 by Stephen LaGioia:Wonderlands continues to draw players in with its wacky yet charming premise, rewarding gameplay, and super fun weapons. Gearbox has also sweetened the pot for this already rich D&D-style RPG, with new features likethe intense Chamber of Chaosand DLC packs.

But while many have reached the level 40 cap and are moving into more difficult terrain, the game still appeals to newcomers and those looking to start over with new classes. Therefore, it was appropriate to update this list with more pistols and melee weapons that are useful for fighting in the early stages.

12 bread slicer

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (1)

This nifty pistol can be a little off-putting at first, with the unique mechanics and trajectory of its serrated skewer. But newer players should be able to exploit the impressive spread of this legendary attack, as three rows of blades shoot from the weapon when fired.

Not only that, but shots will bounce off surfaces for a few extra seconds, ensuring some cuts and dice, even if the accuracy of one is spotty. Players can also choose tosecondary grenade launch mode; perfect for quick rescues and crowd control. The Bread Slicer can be found early in the game and can come fromany source of loot.

11 blue cake

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (2)

frontier 3 fans might recognize this electrified variant of the radiant 'Yellow Pie' from that game.

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Rocket launchers can be dangerous for newcomers as they can be dangerous and unreliable. However, this one has the insurance policy of being tied up withrayand broad treatmentlightning splash damage.The initial orb that is fired still splits in two, increasing the caster's dangerous spread. While the Chaos Chamber is the best place to farm this weapon, it can technically be foundat any withdrawal source.

10 Pincushion (Melee)

It can be fun wielding huge hammers like a chaotic version of Thor when used in melee combat inWonderland. Although this beast can beparticularlyuseful, especially for those who fire transverse bolts (easy to pull out). Hitting the crossbars will amplify Pincushion's already great power, as hammer blows will trigger cumulative bursts of damage. But even without taking that advantage into account, the Pincushion is solid enough and hits targets at a relatively quick pace.

Players can obtain this melee weapon from any loot source, though it has a higher chance of dropping fromLeChance e Wargtooth Shallows.

9 american pica-pau

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (4)

This Dahlia Assault Rifle doesn't have a lot of fancy bells and whistles or weird gimmicks, which is why it's a good weapon for beginners. It's pure power, emphasizing military precision, versatility and DPS (especially in full auto mode). The weapon can be used for mid-range crowd control, though its accuracy also allows players to pick targets from a distance.

This weapon can be foundrandom from any loot source.

8 rails

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (5)
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There are many great pistols available later in the game, but the Railspike proves to be an underrated option early on for its accuracy andfast damage per second(DPS). In that sense, the weapon resembles Jakob's weapons in the past.bordersgames, which allow players to hit enemies with shots as fast as they can pull the trigger. This makes sense, as its manufacturer, "Blackpowder", is essentiallya renamed version of this weapons producer.

The magazine's small size gets in the way a bit, but it more than makes up for it with itsFast reload time and high damage.Its accuracy (relative),reach Capacity,and rapid fire make the Railspike effective at hitting many smaller and weaker targets from a distance.

7 lead

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (6)

With the abundance of weaker enemies the game presents players with early on, it's important to wield weapons thatshoot and reload quickly.For this, the Kettledrum really excels, especially given its short-range efficiency, which is great for crowd control.

Given how strong and agile this boomstick can be, it cancomplement a number of builds effectively. It's a good sidearm when the fight is up close and personal.

6 Soulmate (melee)

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (7)

Little Tina's Wonderlandhe stands out from his type with his melee weapon approach. With this new emphasisbordersseries, it can be difficult for even veteran players to identify the best melee weapons. Given the wide variety of mechanics, effects, and stats, it depends somewhat on your class, build, and general preferences. But on the whole, one of the most effective options is these twin blades from the manufacturer aptly named "Swift".

While the raw damage output is quite light, the (Assassin) Twin Soul'sfast speed and critical chanceseasily make up for it. Players can charge forward and overwhelm targets simply by launching melee attacks, crits and slowing down. This is especially useful for those connected with thefrostvariant, which can be further exploited by frost centeringBrr-Zerker.This assassin's sword can further increase thestealthier, fasterknifer,but they also help to balance slower, clumsier classes and builds with a faster attack option.

This leaf has a higher chance of falling fromKnight Mare in the Ossu-Gol Necropolis.

5 scary thumbs

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (8)
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While he'll likely be replaced later in the match, Thumbsbane is a great option early in the game. The opening areas will be forged with weaker and faster enemies, making Thumbsbane ideal thanks to its mid-range crowd control andDPS alto.Just be sure to switch to secondary fire, which produces4 bursts of fire,instead of the standard 2 shots.

Thumbsbane weapons mixed with elemental damage are even more effective. This upgrade greatly complements the rapid-fire pistol, which quickly cuts down enemy hordes.

4 masterpiece bow

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (9)

Players might be able to score this great weapon early on, and will likely keep it for several hours afterward. It's so powerful. This weapon is unique becauserewards crits with bonus damage, as well as ricochet shots that stack even higher in DPS.Particularly when shooting groups of enemies, the Masterwork Handbow is a killing machine with its close area effect ability.

The weapon will remind some players of theBorderlands 3 Queen Call, with its high damage output andcritical bonuses that reward extra shots.Like the aforementioned classic, the Handbow allows constant fire as long as the player continues to critically hit.

This unique weapon can be obtained as a rare drop ofCaptain Swallow in the Chamber of Chaos.

3 Greatsword (Melee)

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (10)

While slow in terms of attack speed, the Greatsword can be devastating to many enemies. It hits so hard that it knocks some smaller targets down, doing massive health damage in the process.Note the added elemental damage, critical bonuses, and Ward perks, and this Greatsword is solid.

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While there are many better melee weapons out there, this one is versatile and simple, and does a lot of damage. It's also a great last-minute option when you're trying to earn Death Save in the blink of an eye.

2 White knight

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (11)

In typical SMG fashion, the White Rider is quite effective when it comes to destroying multiple targets' health. The weapon is a Legendary Dahlia that can be obtained early on (usually when grownheChief son of a witch on Karnok's Wall).

DPS is not only sky-high, but is amplified by the weapon's unique ability to fire attached beam shots, which chain together on multiple targets. This allows players to move in the heat of battle and still melt down multiple enemies at once. It is also very useful for facing bosses and more powerful Badass enemies. While it takes a while to compare to many, it's still a top-notch SMG.

1 Nightshade

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: 12 Best Early Game Weapons (12)

When it comes to early discoveries inLittle Tina's Wonderland, some have concluded that Nightshade (especially certain variants) is potent to the point of overpowering. What is perhaps most impressive is that this handy SMG can be found right at the start of the tutorial map.Castillo Harrowfast.

While Nightshade comes in several great forms, thefrostThe variant is particularly strong, dealing a ton of DPS with this item's bonus damage and debuffs. The weapon will quickly and efficiently freeze multiple targets, setting the stage for melee combat and easy spellcasting. Additionally, Nightshade has the potential toslow downenemies as well as performancecriticalmelee bonuses and power-ups. It really is one of the best non-legendary weapons inWonderlandAs a whole.

Little Tina's Wonderlandis available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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